Monet's "Cathedral", Mondrian's "Composition No. 2" and Picasso's "Head of a Woman" are just some of the world-famous works of art exhibited in the National Museum in Belgrade. In addition to being part of the same collection, what they still have in common is that they have been scanned and are in virtual reality on the VR-All-Art platform developed by Vitomir Jevremovic with his team of innovators. The platform can be accessed via a computer with the help of VR equipment, as well as via mobile phones.

It is a revolutionary platform that represents a new market for artists, galleries, museums and the general public. Virtual reality opens new horizons, pushes the boundaries of possibilities in the real world, and allows art and culture lovers from all over the world to explore and exhibit art, and enjoy art without the physical limitations of space and time, wherever they are, at any time.

Vitomir is the author of one of the first museum installations of virtual reality "Experience Tesla" at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. Also, he is founder of the company Digital Mind, which drew worldwide attention with the development of the global platform VR-All-Art.

"This is a completely new kind of presentation of culture, it is a time machine. The reactions of the audience are great, so I believe that museums will be significantly transformed in the future and that they will become points where culture, education and experiences merge", said Vitomir.

He has been dealing with culture, archeology and museology for two decades, and he directed his research in the direction of virtualization of cultural lives. With his team, Vitomir created the VR-All-Art platform that solves common problems, such as exhibiting large-format artwork, transportation, costs, logistics, and more. Now, with just a few clicks on the computer, artists can present their portfolio to a wide audience, while galleries, museums and collectors can present their collections worldwide.

VR-All-Art is a platform for exposing artistic works in virtual exhibitions. These exhibitions can be created by artists, galleries, museums and collectors. In a situation that represents a global problem caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic, visits to galleries and museums are possible thanks to this platform.

However, VR-All-Art is not just a platform for exhibiting art, but a set of tools that make it easy to create, plan, and archive exhibitions. Due to the expressed interest and different requirements of users, Digital Mind is currently working on improving the platform. With the help of mathematical calculation of the lighting of virtual spaces, the exhibitions now look even more realistic and natural.

"The financial resources of the European Union through the program of the Innovation Fund came at an extremely important moment for our company. "When the entire business stopped, due to the pademic caused by the Covid-19 virus, the funds provided us with stability and a focus on further development," concluded Vitomir.

Direct Grant Agreement - Development of new products and services by SMEs through the commercialization of research, signed between the Innovation Fund and the Ministry of Finance (Sector for Contracting and Financing Programs from European Union Funds), provides funds for continued implementation of the Early Development Program and the Co-financing Innovation Program. The total value of the Direct Grant Agreement is 4.5 million euros, of which 2.5 million euros are financed from the European Union Pre-Accession Funds for 2014, while 2 million euros are provided from the budget of the Republic of Serbia, from the Ministry of education, science and technological development. You can find out more about the project at:  www.inovacionifond.rs