TT Program

The TT Program is designed to build transactional capabilities in technology transfer by adopting an integrated approach that engages researchers and local and international technology transfer practitioners in Serbia.

Technology Transfer Program

Technology Transfer Program (TT Program) supports local research and development organizations, as well as other organizations that support innovation, with the aim of increasing their ability and efficiency in the commercialization of inventions.

The TT Program is designed for the R&D community in Serbia. It helps local TTOs and other R&D organizations to identify research with commercial potential and focus on the transactional aspect of technology transfer.

TT Program services:

• Receiving descriptions of inventions / innovations

• Assessing technological and commercial readiness of proposed inventions / innovations

• Raising the level of technological and commercial readiness through financing additional development of invention / innovation (financial support)

• Defining a strategy for commercial exploitation of invention / innovation

• Implementing a strategy for the commercial exploitation of inventions / innovations

• Identifying potential commercial partners

• Negotiating with a commercial partner and concluding a transaction

• Monitoring and executing concluded contracts

• Other services.

Application documentation: please check Documentation page 

Deadline for submission of applications: The call is always open.

Applications must be submitted through the Innovation Fund online application portal.


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