Serbia Accelerating Innovation and Growth Entrepreneurship Project – SAIGE

The Serbia Accelerating Innovation and Growth Entrepreneurship Project (SAIGE) supports the further reform of the scientific and research sector, strengthening ties between the economic and academic sectors and developing innovative companies.

For the implementation of the SAIGE Project funds were provided based on a joint investment by the Republic of Serbia, namely the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, through a loan and technical support from the World Bank for 43 million euros and non-refundable financial support from the European Union in the amount of 41.5 million euros.

The goal of the SAIGE Project is, firstly, to improve the relevance and excellence of scientific research, as well as to raise the capacity of scientific research organizations, and secondly, to promote innovative entrepreneurship and access to funding for company growth, so as to contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the Serbian economy.

Project activities are implemented by :

The project is structured through the implementation of activities divided into three basic components. The IF will be responsible for the implementation of the second component - business acceleration, which aims to increase the growth potential of companies and is intended for companies in the early phase and those in the growth phase.