Proof of Concept

Тhe Proof of Concept is designing for researchers who require support to prove that there is a new product, emerged from research and for which there is a need in the market.

Proof of Concept

The Proof of Concept program is intended for researchers engaged in product development for which there is a need in the market. The program specifically offers financial and mentoring support to test ideas, hypotheses or assumptions that are, if they prove technically feasible, the basis for products based on their research.

Financing amount: Up to 2,400,000 RSD (20.000 EUR), including value-added tax (VAT). The program covers 100% of the total costs.

Application conditions: All public research and development institutions, as well as all other institutions and organizations affiliated with research and development (including private), such as universities, colleges, institutes, innovation centers and other research institutions in Serbia.

Area: Projects in all fields of research and technology, including social and humanistic sciences.

Documentation to submit when applying:

  • Application (short description of the project, suggestions of activities with a clear hypotheses / technical concept, plan of project realization which includes the expected results, CV of the team members, applicant's statement signed by the institution)
  • Budget

You can view the forms on the Documentation pages.

Duration of the projects: up to 12 months

Program conditions: Detailed in the Public Call and Guidelines

Applications are submitted through the website of the Innovation Fund in English.

Public call: Closed